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Honey-Orange Ham Steaks
Courtesy of National Pork Board
Serve With:
Acorn Squash

Green Beans

Pineapple Slices
Servings: 4
Prep Time: 5 Min.
Cook Time: 6 Min.
What you need:
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+ 2 ham steaks (1 lb. total)
+ 1 orange
+ 1/4 c. honey
+ 1/8 tsp. ground cinnamon
+ 1/8 tsp. ground cloves
What to do:
1. Squeeze the orange, reserving juice.
2. In a small bowl combine the orange juice, honey, cinnamon and cloves; mix well.
3. Brown ham steaks in skillet; cover with glaze and cook over medium heat 3-5 minutes per side.
4. Garnish with slivers of the orange peel, if desired.

* Recipe and photo courtesy of National Pork Board. For more recipes visit:
Wine pairings:
Riesling/Rhine, Gew├╝rztraminer, Chenin Blanc